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Visit our resources page for links to reenacting groups,  historic background about the classic firearms  in our collection of replicas, and the people, places and events that made them historic.
Denix - Maker of the World's Finest Non-Firing Replica Guns
Our non-firing and cap-firing replica firearms are made by Denix -- makers of the world's finest non-firing replica firearms. Real wood and metal - real working mechanical parts.

Outside the USA ?
Yes, we do ship internationally, but not all replicas can be shipped to all countries.  See our FAQs  and Shipping/Return pages for more details.
Authentic Replica Gun Classics - Non-Firing, Blank-Firing and Cap-Firing
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Kentucky long rifle, replica of the rifle used by Davy Crockett at The Alamo.
Like the rifles used by Davy Crockett and others at the Battle of The Alamo.

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The Alamo
Long Rifle
Cap-Firing Replica Pistols!
John Wilkes Boothe
Cap Derringer
John Wilkes Booth cap-fring derringer replica
SAA cap-fire 6-shooter, black with wood grips
1859 Sharps Civil War Rifle Non-Firing Replica
1859 Sharps Civil War carbine replica, black finish
1859 Sharps Civil War Carbine
Buntline Special, black with wood grips
Choose from four finishes!
1859 Sharps Civil War rifle replica, grey finish
Buntline Special Cap Pistols
Old West Cap
Italian Percussion Cap-fire Dueling Pistol replica
John Wayne cap-fire 6-shooter, grey, simulated ivory grip
.22-cal. blank-fire Derringer, black with wood grips.
.22-cl. Blank-fire derringer, grey with wood grips.
.22-cal. blank-fire derringer, nickel finish with black grips.
.22-Cal./6mm Blank-Fire, choice of three finishes
Blank-Fire Old West Derringers!
Mauser C96 with
Wood Stock/Holster Box
Buntline special, pewter finish, wood grips
Buntlne Special, brass and black, faux ivory grips
Buntline Special, Nickel with wood grips.
Cap-fire Dueling Pistol
Welcome to Guns Of Old! Since 2008, we have offered fast, friendly service and shipping on a wide selection of non-firing, blank-firing, and cap-firing replicas of iconic guns from history. Our selection of replica guns for sale includes non-firing musket replicas, Old West replica pistols, Old West replica rifles, Our Civil war-era guns include Civil War Replica Pistols and Civil War Replica RiflesFor reenactors and collectors, we offer Civil War kepi caps and officer slouch hats, hat pins, holsters, pins, and other gear. We also feature famous guns from World War I and World War II, WWII military hats and other collector and reenactor gear such as military holsters.  The best-known guns from the 20th Century are also represented in our selection, including the AK-47 rifle, the .357 Magnum pistol, the Al Capone-era gangster's "tommy gun," and James Bond's trusty Walther PPK.  In addition to replica guns, we offer framed and boxed displays from many eras of history that are great to display in your home or office, or to give as gifts.  Frame a favorite firearm or replica with our selection of frames, stands and decorative hangers.  Visit our Gift Guide for gift ideas for gun fanciers.
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Mauser C96 Broomhandle with wood stock.
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Express Shippping Options (USA ONLY!)
M1911 .45 US Military replica pistol
M1911 .45 Military
Replica Pistol
'The Rifleman'
1892 Winchester
Griswold and Gunnison Confederate revolver, brass and black
Griswold and Gunnison Confederate revolver, grey
Griswold & Gunnison
Confederate Revolver
George Washington 1748 Hawkins pistol replica
George Washington
Flintlock Pistol
1881 Stagecoach double-barrel shotgun cap-firing replica
Close-up detail of Stagecoach double-barrel shotgun replica
1881 Stagecoach Shotgun
--Fires Caps!
"Wanted Dead or Alive"
Mare's Leg Winchester
& Holster
Walker Zombie Killer .357 Magnum, nickel finish
.357 Magnum
Zombie Walker Killer
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